Aspen Ridge Natural Beef



Take the guesswork out of preparation.

Uniform sizing of Aspen Ridge® removes preparation inconsistencies and delivers outstanding plate presentation. Our beef’s lower moisture provides higher yields from the same cut and faster cooking times, making your preparation more efficient while optimizing your food cost.

Customers will notice the tenderness and rich flavor of Aspen Ridge. Its quality encourages customer interaction and upsell opportunities. Already seen as being higher quality, beef raised without the use of added hormones or antibiotics commands a premium price and positions you on a higher level. To further distinguish yourself and drive repeat business, we’ve developed Exclusive Aspen Ridge recipes and found others that enhance the product’s superior quality.

Patrons want beef they can trust.

Aspen Ridge helps you give customers what they’re demanding: delicious premium beef. Consumers are socially conscious, wanting assurance that animals have a vegetarian diet, continually improving animal care, as well as being healthy and raised in natural settings. The Aspen Ridge program allows you to provide a product that surpasses those socially conscious expectations. When you explain the attributes of Aspen Ridge Premium Beef, your customers will appreciate the extra steps taken to provide a distinctly natural and superb eating experience.

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Aspen Ridge Exclusive Recipes

Grilled Aspen Ridge Top Sirloin

Talk about delicious. How about Aspen Ridge sirloin steak, bacon, two cheeses, potatoes, garlic, fresh greens, and more? It’s a trio of tasteful dishes that will impress, that’s for certain. Invest some effort in these many incredible tastes, and you’ll be thankful. This is an Aspen Ridge exclusive.

Aspen Ridge Korean Style BBQ Skirt Steak

It’s time to get exotic on the grill. And, it’s easy. A little love goes a long way in this delicious recipe; the right ingredients and a bit of preparation are the keys. Of course, the steak is the star of this barbeque with it’s tenderness and taste. Oh, and that spicy black bean sauce! This is an Aspen Ridge exclusive.

Grilled Aspen Ridge Bone-In Rib Eye Steak

When done right, bone-in rib eye is hard to beat, especially on the grill. Plus, add an unusual, crispy salad that’s topped with vinaigrette, blue cheese, and bacon. Are you kidding? You'll find that is one of those rare recipes that establishes reputations. This is an Aspen Ridge exclusive.

Grilled Aspen Ridge Flank Steak

Like many other great beef recipes, a little patience and planning make a big difference. This one starts with giving the marinade some time to work its magic. It pays off with Cuban style excitement and zest. Expect flank steak that’s tangy and fruity, fun and memorable. This is an Aspen Ridge exclusive.

Braised Aspen Ridge Short Ribs

This is a great opportunity to use ingredients that aren’t the same-old potatoes, beans, corn, and peas. The result of branching out? Braised short ribs that will surely please nearly any family member or guest. They're earthy, hearty, and so satisfying. This is an Aspen Ridge exclusive.