Aspen Ridge Natural Beef



Customers will return time after time.

Memorable meals the whole family will love. That’s the objective of your most discerning customers, beef buyers! They also spend more on other high-end products, such as natural and organic dairy products and produce. According to the 2012 Power of Meat study, these customers have higher than average incomes and spend more on groceries than most shoppers.

When you offer Aspen Ridge premium cuts, you’re boosting market basket totals across the board. And, because Aspen Ridge® is known for consistency, if your shoppers like it today, they’ll like it tomorrow.

Join us in sharing our story.

Consumers who purchase products from beef raised without antibiotics or added hormones are socially conscious, wanting assurance that animals have a vegetarian diet, continually improving animal care as well as being healthy and raised in natural settings. Aspen Ridge provides products that surpass those socially conscious expectations. Merchandising Aspen Ridge will give you a true point of difference that your customers will appreciate. We provide complete marketing elements that tell our story and distinguish the brand with a look that will make customers take note.

Shoppers want to know their food.

Aspen Ridge was developed to meet shopper demand. For instance, 86% percent of people surveyed indicated that meat raised without antibiotics should be available in their local supermarket.* So, it’s easy to promote the benefits of Aspen Ridge Premium Beef.

*Consumer Reports poll, July 2012.

*Consumer Insights, 2012, The Beef Checkoff.

Aspen Ridge Marketing Programs

Our unwavering commitment is to provide customers with a premium product through and through. Even our brochures are printed with soy-based inks on 100% recycled paper. Contact us for more information about effectively using Aspen Ridge marketing elements in your store. Right now, check out our extensive Recipes section and explore the possibilities of Aspen Ridge.